Industrial Hazard 'Harsh Lashings' CD

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Industrial Hazard 'Harsh Lashings' CD

Limited edition pro-glass mastered CD in four panel Digipak

Industrial Hazard is the project of Spencer Hazard (Full Of Hell). Powered by a homemade instrument setup, fed through an array of pedal FX, Harsh Lashings is a delay-fractured spew of squeals, pulses and churning recurrences. This release showcases both the versatility of Hazard’s devices and his proclivity toward a spasmodic, ferally agitated mode of movement. References to the 80s/90s Japanese scene abound, although the custom equipment at the root of Industrial Hazard cuts each piece with a particularly jagged outline.

Mastered by Grant Richardson
Art and design by Michael D. Brown
Made in the UK