The Rita 'King Richard III' CD

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The Rita 'King Richard III' CD

Limited edition pro-glass mastered CD in six panel Digipak

King Richard III marks an apex in The Rita’s ongoing reduction of pre-recorded source material. This instalment works with Jaume Collet-Serra’s 2016 survival horror The Shallows – specifically, all the scenes featuring leading actor Blake Lively unaccompanied by music. Reduced to a hissing, crackling essence that evokes both an ailing Geiger counter and pinpricks in a taut plastic sheet, these 40 minutes are the output of an obsessive shedding of cinematic embellishment. What remains is the hard kernel of an actor’s central performance, with narrative undulations crushed to leave a mesmeric continuum of sputter and seepage.

Mastered by Foul Prey
Art and design by Sam McKinlay and Michael D. Brown
Made in the UK